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Exceeding Your Expectations


Ensure your water main line valves are installed and tapped properly with Texas Hot Taps. We offer MUNICIPAL, COMMERCIAL, FIRE LINE, HOT TAP ONLY (CUT HOLE ONLY), VALVE INSERTION, and LINE STOP services.


At Texas Hot Taps, we offer tapping sleeve and valve(TS&V), hot/wet tap, valve insertion, and line stop services. Customers use these services when needing a branch connection, fire hydrant placement and relocation, and anywhere a valve is needed to replace and install a damaged or non-existent valve on an existing water main line.

Our experienced professionals handle your installation with precision and care. We make branch connections and valve insertions under pressure without disruption of water service so that no one in the area is left without water during installation. Additionally, we NEVER contaminate the water systems for which we work.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, simply call us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with information and a quote for the job. Required information needed for ALL installations are existing pipe size and pipe material. Individual project information required are the size of branch connection or tap needed for TS&V's and size of valve required for insertion valve or line stops. Installations take between two and four hours and require excavation and trench preparation. 

“TS&V, Valve Insertion, & Line Stops Services”

Texas Hot Taps is dedicated to providing our customers with experience, trust, and the resources they need to ensure that their project is finished on time and with complete satisfaction.  We build a solid foundation with confidence and provide the best service possible to your specific and individual needs so that you can focus on the other factors of the project. We are ECO-conscious and use environmentally safe installations and applications. We specialize in branch connection and water main line valve installations under pressure with NO WATER SERVICE DISRUPTION AND/OR CONTAMINATION.


Hot Taps up to 12” in diameter on Cast/Ductile Iron, Steel, AC (Asbestos-Cement), PVC, and PEP pipe. Installation on various size pipe with epoxy-coated carbon steel and stainless steel tapping sleeves from project specified, preferred, and trusted manufacturers. 
We offer solutions for different TS&V / hot tap needs:




EZ2 technology: The latest advancement and the future of under pressure line stopping and valve insertion. Superiority over the competition! We are the certified regional installer of the AVT EZ Valve system.


• Sizes available for 4’ through 24’ systems
• High-quality components exceeding industry standards (AWWA material spec C-509-09)
• Standardized operation (normal turns to actuate valve)
• 250psi rated valve
• Rapid installation procedures (reduced field-work hours)
• Pipeline integrity maintenance (no sectional or circumferential pipe intrusion, only a milled slot with NO coupon drop)
• NO disruption of customer service (NO SHUTDOWN)
• NO dechlorinating of discharged water
• NO re-chlorinating of the pipe
• Fully repairable under pressure
• Shutdown pipes under FULL FLOW
• Resilient wedge gate expands inside the pipe to create a drip tight seal on ALL types of pipe and ID’s regardless of tuberculation build up
• Lightweight and compact installation equipment
• Compact design (lower weights; simpler lifting equipment)

TEXAS HOT TAPS, LLC was established January 1, 2013. Located in Katy, TX, we provide tapping sleeve and valve (TS&V), hot tap, valve insertion, and line stop services throughout the Houston area, and anywhere in the great state of Texas, as well as, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. We are an experienced water/waste-water utility contractor certified in water distribution, MBE, SBE, and DBE in the state of Texas, and certified AVT EZ Valve installer. Texas Hot Taps, LLC follows a standard to provide quality, knowledge, experience, and professionalism for our customers and their project needs.

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